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The Jewellery Anal Plug with Raccoon Tail by Dolce Piccante is a premium butt plug that will add an instant touch of playful fun to your anal play. The design features a plug with a completely smooth steel surface and a pointed tip to allow easy penetration. Attached to the plug is a faux-fur bushy tail, inspired by naughty raccoons, to give your anal play a cheeky, animalistic twist. This small pleasure provider is the perfect choice for entry-level who want to spice up their intimate fun and explore anal play with a premium product. Made in Italy and crafted with great eye for detail, this trendy plug by Dolce Piccante will never go out of style.

Coda folta. Diametro Plug max: 3cm. Lunghezza Coda: 24cm. Lunghezza Plug: 7cm. Made in Italy. Peli in materiale sintetico. Peli realistici e soffici. Materiale: Metallo.

Codice: 981-15849

€ 47,90

Plug Anale con Coda di Procione Small
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